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HB混合型步进电机 标准型、带齿轮箱型-注意事项及使用要求

Carefully read the precautions before use and use the motor properly and safely.

Safety precautions are divided into "warning"and "precautions."

Due to mishandling, a dangerous condition might occur and there is a possibility of death or serious injury.
Due to mishandling, a dangerous condition might occur and there is possibility of medium human disorder or material disorder.
There might be cases where there are heavy damages.

警告警告 Warning
  1. 请勿在易爆性环境、易燃性气体环境和受水溅射的场所使用。否则可能导致火灾、受伤及触电。
    Do not use in an explosive atmosphere, flammable atmosphere and locations where water falls onto. It might cause a fire, injury or electric shock.
  2. 应由具备专业知识的人员进行安装、接线、检查等作业,否则可能导致触电或受伤。
    Installation, wiring connection, inspection, etc. should be done by a person with professional knowledge.
    You might get an electric shock or be injured.
  3. 通电状态下请勿进行移动、接线及检查等作业,否则可能导致触电或受伤。
    Do not move, wire or inspect the motor when applying current. You might get an electric shock or be injured.
  4. 通电状态下请勿拉扯、夹住导线。否则可能导致触电。
    Do not pull out or push in the lead wire when applying current. You might get an electric shock.
  5. 通电状态下请勿触摸连接端子的导电部。否则将导致触电。
    Do not touch the connection terminals, etc. when applying current. You will get an electric shock.
  6. 停电时请务必切断电源。否则恢复供电时机器若突然启动,会导致人员受伤。
    Shut off the power supply of your product when an electric power failure occurred. The motor and your product may start running suddenly when the electric power is back and you might get injured.
注意注意 Precautions
  1. 用于对社会及公共场所可能产生较大影响的设备时,请设置电机停止时设备的保护措施。
    If the motor is used in a equipment that has large social and public effects, please prepare equipment protection measures in case the motor stops.
  2. 运行过程中请勿触摸旋转部位及驱动部位。否则可能导致受伤。
    Do not touch the rotating or moving parts during operation. You might get injured.
  3. 静电可能导致电机及设备发生故障,安装时请采取适当的防静电措施。
    Static electricity causes motor and equipment failures. Take appropriate measures against static electricity during installation of motor.
  4. 请勿手持导线,否则可能导致通电不良或因掉落导致人员受伤。
    Do not hold the lead wire part because it might cause an electric current disorder or injury due to falling motor.
  5. 请勿将不匹配的电机安装至设备,否则可能导致人员受伤、设备损坏、甚至引发火灾。
    Make sure you receive the right motor at receipt. Installation of wrong motors to your product might cause a fire, injury or electric shock.
  6. 连接电机与设备时,请注意找正、皮带张力、链条张力、滑轮的平行度等。 直接连接时请注意连接精度。使用皮带或链条时,请正确调整张力。 运行前请切实紧固滑轮和联轴器的紧固螺栓。否则可能因碎片飞溅而导致受伤或设备损坏。
    Pay attention to following things when you assemble the motor to your product, centering, belt tension, chain tension, parallelism of pulley and etc. In case of a direct coupling, make sure its accuracy is kept. If in use of the belt or chain, make sure its correct tension is kept. Make sure the bolt to fix the pulley, coupling is tightened before running. It might cause an injury and breakage of your product brought by airborne fragment.
  7. 连接设备与电机前请确认旋转方向,否则可能导致受伤或设备损坏。
    Make sure the direction of motor rotation is correct. Wrong rotation might cause a fire and a breakage of your product, moreover, you might get injured.
  8. 发生异常时请立即停止设备的运行。否则可能导致触电、受伤、或引发火灾。
    Shut down the operation of your product and motor when extraordinally happenings occurred. It might cause a fire, injury or electric shock.
  9. 请勿将电机放置于可能受到雨水和水滴溅射或存在腐蚀性气体和液体的场所中保存。否则可能导致漏电及故障。
    Do not expose motors to rain, water drop, corrosive gas and liquid. It might cause an electric leakage and breakage.
其他要求其他要求 Other precautions
  1. 请勿拆分电机,否则将改变电机特性。
    Do not disassemble motor to avoid motor performance change.
  2. 移动电机时,请握住电机主体,避免向导线引出部施力。
    Hold motor body, not lead wire exit to avoid external force to lead wire exit.
  3. 插拔连接器时,请握住连接器外壳,避免向导线施力。
    Hold connector housing when plugging or unplugging connector not to apply external force to connector pin.
  4. 将齿轮等压入输出轴时,请注意勿向轴承、轴等施加过大的力。
    Be careful not to apply abnormal force to bearing, shaft, etc. when putting pulley, gear, etc. on to motor shaft.
  5. 请勿使用可能掉落过或受过强大外力的电机。
    Do not use any motors that were accidentally dropped.
  6. 寿命、噪音和振动的测评必须以安装在设备上的方式进行。
    Prior to usage of our motor, assemble it to your product and verify its life, noise and vibration which are to be determined by the type and operation condition of your product.
  7. 请勿在产生有害气体的环境下使用。否则可能加速树脂部位的老化。
    Do not use motor in environment generating noxious gas that affects motor performance.
  8. 请在规格规定的存放温度和湿度范围内存放,并防止结露。
    Ensure that motor are stored at the temperature and humidity range defined in the specification and at no dew condition.
  9. 若无其他规定,安装好的电机其线圈温度必须控制在130℃以下。
    Ensure that motor coil does not exceed 130℃ when mounted on your product unless otherwise specified.
  10. 在高温下使用时,应采取安全措施,包括避免人体接触,粘贴警示标签等。
    In case of usage at high temperature, take safety measures, such as designing not to expose motor to touch human body or sticking a warning label.
  11. 为防止因电机及电路故障而导致人身伤害或引发火灾,请安装温度保险丝并配备保护电路。
    Provide fuse, protection circuit, etc. to assure safety against injuries to human body or fires that may arise from accidental failure of motor or circuit.
  12. 请勿将磁卡、手表等靠近电机。否则可能导致电机失效。
    Do not bring a magnetic card, a watch etc. close. They may stop function.
  13. 请勿将本产品用于与原子能、飞机或军事相关的设备。
    Do not use our motor for any applications related to military, aircraft or nuclear energy.
  14. 因用户自行改造电机而导致的故障不属于本公司的保修范围,本公司对此概不负责。
    We do not take any responsibility of converted motors.
  15. 请勿从电机上去除铭牌。
    Do not remove the name plate on the motor.
  16. 请避免使用与电机上的连接器相同的连接器。否则可能导致接线有误。
    Do not use the same connector as motor side for the connection to your product because it might cause a faulty interconnection.
  17. 若要将电机挪用到其他装置或机型上,请预先告知本公司。
    In case you apply the same motor to an other product, please let us know in advance.